*Beware, some contents are google-translated.
Some posts related to software development are written in English instead of Chinese-to-English translation while not being a native speaker, because I think all programmers and ITs should have basic reading comprehension. Even if they don't, to use a proper translation tool themselves is a necessity. On the other hand, I may be able to improve my writings by keep doing this.

[ChatGPT opens mouth to write program] Full record: GIF animation size scaling (with Magick)

Now you don’t need to be an architect or supervisor, you can write programs with just one mouth, but you still need to know some terminology, otherwise you may spend a lot of communication costs with AI. I talked for about an hour before and after, and some people may complain about it, so it’s better to write it myself www but it’s faster to write a mouth, but... sorry to delete, click to continue reading.